Monday, October 25, 2010


John & Sasha Wedding - August 1, 2010

What I enjoyed most about this couple is that they were so relaxed and ready for this day to come. We had a fabulous sunny summer day and there was love in the air!!! Thanks John and Sasha for having me join you guys on your special day!! I wish you guys all the happiness and joy that life can bring you!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Cannataro Family!!!

It was Miss Bianca's first birthday!!! I had the oppertunity to work with this amazing family when Bianca was a couple of days old. I can't believe how big she and her brother Alessandro are getting. I love when I get to work with my families and watch them grow!!!

I also wanted to spread the news of Andrea's new company called "lil' Cupcakes". She will come to your child's birthday party, dress them up like little chefs and create there very own cup cakes or cakes. I can't wait till my little girls have there birthday parties with lil cupcakes!!!!