Monday, August 10, 2009

Ryan & Nicole Wedding August 8, 2009

WOW! This was definitely one day that I am glad I was part of. The weather was not the best but the bridal party certainly brought out the SUN & FUN and I was in Richmond Hill!

It was overcast all day - people don't understand but this is just a photographer's dream! Ryan, Nicole and everyone else in the bridal party were just awesome to work with! We did both formal, edgy and then just fun photographs and then we went straight into their reception - which was a big party!

I became part of the scenery and caught amazing shots with my camera - just by dancing with them!

Thank you so much Ryan and Nicole for a great day!


  1. Were you at a reception or a Rave? lol Killa photos! You keep improving with every dont stop!

  2. Haha Adam it was the reception but when the drinks were flowing it prob felt like a rave :)
    I am the groom Sarah is an amazing photographer I am glad she was part of our day.